America First
Coalition of

Our Mission

We Are a Coalition of America First Constitutional Conservative Candidates

1. Build a new America First campaign model from which America First Coalition of Candidates throughout the country can benefit.

2. Establish meaningful conservative America First election reforms for not only the candidates but also for the current Secretaries of State throughout the country.

3. Promote and establish messaging that Secretary of State elections all across the country are a priority and are currently our most important elections because they are predominantly responsible for the election process in each state.


On May 1st, 2021 a truly eventful, even historic meeting was held in Las Vegas, Nevada.

A private strategy session was arranged by former Nevada State Representative, Jim Marchant, who in February announced that he would be the Republican American First candidate for the office of Secretary of State, Nevada, in the 2022 elections.

This planning session brought together four other potential SOS America First candidates, US Congressman Jody Hice, who has recently been endorsed by President Trump to be the Republican SOS candidate in Georgia, Mark Finchem, an Arizona State Representative who is running for Secretary of State in Arizona, Kristina Karamo a candidate for Michigan Secretary of State, and Rachel Hamm, a candidate for Secretary of State for California. Also attending, were some of the brightest and best political and policy minds in the country.

Goals & Objectives:

The all-day strategy session proved to be so successful in creating the Coalition of Constitutional Conservative SOS Candidates and a nationwide campaign model that a fundraising platform for this coalition was created.

Funds received through our Political PAC (Conservatives for Election Integrity PAC) will go to support and sustain the real-time, real-world outcomes that were agreed upon on May 1st and are embodied in the PAC’s three-point mission statement.

A pragmatic, functional agenda was agreed upon which the candidates will implement upon their election to Secretary of State within their respective jurisdictions, and includes:

1. Voter ID
2. Paper Ballots
3. Eliminate Mail-In Ballots; Keep Traditional Absentee Ballots
4. Single Day Voting
5. Unfettered Poll Watch Reforms
6. Aggressive Voter Roll Clean-Up

We will consult the leading America First policy and political experts to assist in identifying credible, winning candidates and provide these Patriots with the financial support that they will need to carry out and implement the Coalition’s goals and objective to achieve:
1- Voter Integrity and
2- Counter and Reverse electoral fraud.

Importance and Strategic Significance:

For too long, large conservative donors have not supported state races outside of their own states. This is a huge mistake because state elections greatly affects the national balance of power throughout the country.

The other side has been supporting political state races for decades. They understand that if they can get the local races under their control, federal races will quickly follow.

In 2004 George Soros funded a project that accelerated their ability compromise and undermine our election process nationwide. And that is when the digital voting machines were introduced to our election process. The globalist establishment has been far more sophisticated and strategic than us. They have a 15-year head start on us and it is time for us to wake up and reverse what they have done.

In order to win, we have to play their game better. If we want fair and honest federal elections, we must start with electing the right people at the State level. This means that donors need to back State races, even If they are in a different state. This will result in electing America First State leaders with a meaningful and effective plan to achieve election integrity. Our first priority will be to elect SOS in key battleground states.

Your Contribution:

Donations to our PAC will be administered, dispersed, and accounted for by a reputable political organization.

The PAC President, Jim Marchant has been fighting voter fraud in Nevada since 2004, first, as a successful tech businessman, then as a Nevada State Assemblyman and most recently as the President Trump endorsed Republican candidate for Congressional District Four in the 2020 election. Jim is convinced he only lost because of election fraud and widespread election irregularities.

Now, Jim’s mission through the  America First SOS Coalition and the PAC, is to bring voter integrity and transparency back to the country and Nevada as its SOS, and to encourage, promote and support other like-minded America First Republican SOS candidates across the country.

The Best is Yet to Come!!!

Our Coalition is off to a great start and this website will be continuously updated with the latest news and announcements.

Many others may talk the talk, but we are actually walking the walk by declaring ourselves to stand and fight in the public arena for conservative principles and solutions to the corrupt election process nationwide. Please join with us on this exciting, determined, Never-Give-Up journey to Take Our Country Back!